National 4-H Congress is a CLOSED event.  Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of National 4-H Congress participants, participation in or presence at any portion of National 4-H Congress is limited to those who are officially registered and are wearing an Official National 4-H Congress nametag.

Luggage and Packing      
Be sure every piece of luggage has your name and state on it in two places. It must be accurate and easy to read. Pack as economically as possible. Bring clothes that mix and match well. Your state will tell you if there is a limit to the number of bags that you can bring. Never leave your suitcase unattended. Bags have a way of walking away when not attended. Keep your valuables with you at all times; do not pack them in your suitcase. PACK ONLY WHAT YOU CAN CARRY OR ROLL!

Airport Security      
Many delegates will be flying into Atlanta. Airport check-in is changing daily. Pack everything possible into the luggage that you will check at the airport. Bags that you attempt to carry on will be scrutinized thoroughly. Items that have sharp points will be confiscated by airport security. This includes things as small as tweezers, nail clippers, and pocket knives. Do not embarrass yourself or your delegation by attempting to bring those with you through airport security. Any metal objects that you wear will slow the process down. You may want to put things such as big metal belt buckles in the suitcase that you check. Your positive, helpful attitude will make a tremendous impression on those you encounter and will make the job of security officers easier.

• Be sure to keep your photo identification in a secure place as it is necessary for flight identification.
• Please go to Transportation Security Administration website to see the latest airport regulations for luggage and carry-on items.

Atlanta’s Hartfield’s Airport
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlantal International Airport – General Site
• Maps of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)
MARTA – General Site
• MARTA Rail Map

Downtown Atlanta Information
Downtown Atlanta Map

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