Attention – Get It & Keep It
You are in charge but no one is listening! Learn three simple steps to become the “Pied Piper” everyone listens to, believes and follows. The workshop is interactive – you try out what you learn on other workshop participants.

Coolness of Science
Participants will do experiments creating new chemical compounds from basic household materials –    making slime, creating their own polymer balls, and building gumdrop skyscrapers.  Can something be a solid and a liquid at the same time – an experiment with an isotropic mixture will answer the question.

All experiments will be hands-on and done by the participants, and discussion will center around the concepts of physical and chemical changes.  Participants should be prepared to “get their hands dirty” doing all the mixing, kneading, and anything else required for the success of the experiment

Dancing with the Stars
Performers from a variety of theatrical and musical backgrounds as well as athletes have shown their talent or lack of talent on Dancing with the Stars. Here’s your chance. The class will teach you basic steps in current dances. Healthy lifestyles involve movement – what better way to move and have fun than with dance steps.

Doug Sculpting 101: Science, Art and Math
*New Home Baking Food Safety 101 resources for 4-H and Youth and Adults
*5 minutes baking activities for foods and community meetings
*Share the Wealth – Baking as Service Learning

Drones and Virtual Reality
Workshop participants will get to try their hand with Parrot mini drones learning how to program and control them. Google Expeditions will allow for a fun experience with virtual reality. Presenters will present the latest in technology.

Expanding Horizons through Group Involvement
An introduction to group development activities with intention.  Each team will engage in a set of activities focusing on decision-making, respect for diversity, and effective communication.  Facilitators from Georgia College’s Department of Outdoor Education will model and debrief strategies matching activities with outcomes and enhance transfer of learning through the use of strategies.  Participants will engage in activities followed by discussion of potential use back at home as well as receive a link to all of the activities experienced at Congress.


GTL – Give, Talk, Learn: the Power of Service Learning
Many of us need some GTL in our lives. Service learning gives us the opportunity to give, talk and learn through helping others and reflecting on those experiences. Join this workshop for a hands-on look at innovative service learning projects, the essential steps to service learning and tips on making service meaningful for both the participants and the beneficiaries. This workshop is full of hands-on, fun activities and even a few door prizes!

The Healthy Gourmet
Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s chefs have distinguished themselves some of Atlanta’s premier chefs. They specializes in the farm to table emphasis always looking for the best in foods that are available locally.

Increasing Independence and Quality of Life for Individuals with Disabilities
The workshop is designed to increase delegates’ awareness of the challenges faced by people with physical disabilities. The Shepherd Spinal Center is ranked among the nation’s top rehabilitation hospitals for spinal cord and brain injury. The workshop is interactive. The instructors will bring a variety of pieces of equipment used to help patients.

Pilates works from the inside out by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine. Pilates is a series of rhythmic exercises that strengthen and balance the body, while lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility. By focusing on quality of movement rather than quantity, Pilates can retrain your body to move more efficiently – a great benefit to anyone looking to improve their performance or overall health.

Pilates is a total body workout utilizing multiple muscle groups simultaneously, creating a symmetrical workout that integrates the upper and lower body with the core resulting in a balanced, strong, lean, and flexible body that is less prone to injury.

AG In the Classroom and Service Learning
As the population of the United States becomes more urban and suburban with less contact to agriculture, youth and adults need to understand the importance of agriculture to their survival and well-being. Participants in the class will be trained to present a workshop on poultry to inner-city elementary school students. The sessions can be repeated in communities around the country when participants return home.

Speed Meeting
One thousand people will attend National 4-H Congress. How will you ever meet them all? Speed Meeting is the answer or at least part of it.  You will have the opportunity to make new friends from all over the country in a totally fun way.

Stem Cells
The presenter will share the latest in scientific developments in using stem cell therapies to cure human maladies like stokes, joint deterioration, and many others. The stem cells used in research are from the original stem cells of many years ago.

Think Globally….Think Agri-Science
Agri-scientists from our land-grant universities have come up with some amazing discoveries that lessen our environmental impact, reduce costs, and create healthier living conditions for everyone. Improving the performance of crops n drought conditions using soy lecithin, combining soy ingredients to replace cancer-causing compounds, converting sugar energy into light energy, and transforming soy oils into a form8la that removes food odor from socks and shoes are just some of the technologies to be explored. A session of fun and engaging hands-on agri-science activities.

Is your life too stressful, do your muscles feel so uptight? Yoga is the thing for you!  Its physical exercises, special postures, and relaxation techniques will make you a new person, relaxed and ready to take on your next stressful situation. Yoga tones your muscles, flexes your joints and strengthens your body.

Zoonotic Disease Detective
What are zoonotic diseases, how do they spread, how can we stop them. The CDC works on preventing outbreaks around the nation. Learn the process for finding, tracking and curing diseases.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drudgery when there are things like Zumba. Created by Alberto “Beto” Perez, Zumba involves dance and aerobics elements. Involving following the music with repetitive movement. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, meringue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. It is addictive – you will love it.