Be The Change  
Presenter: Justin Crowe, University of Tennessee
Location TBA - 1/1/2022 1:00 PM

Others first, self second! Service learning gives us the opportunity to plan, implement and reflect on meaningful experiences to help others. Join this workshop for a hands-on look at innovative service-learning projects, the essential steps to service learning and tips on making service meaningful for both the participants and the beneficiaries. This workshop is full of hands-on, fun activities and even a few door prizes!

  Expanding Horizons Through Group Involvement  
Presenter: Georgia College and State University
Location TBA - 1/1/2022 1:00 PM

An introduction to group development activities with intention. Each team will engage in a set of activities focusing on decision-making, respect for diversity, and effective communication. Facilitators from Georgia College’s Department of Outdoor Education will model and debrief strategies matching activities with outcomes and enhance transfer of learning using strategies. Participants will engage in activities followed by discussion of potential use back at home.

  Speed Meeting  
Presenter: Delegates of National 4-H Congress
Location TBA - 1/1/2022 1:00 PM

One thousand people will attend National 4-H Congress. How will you ever meet them all? Speed Meeting is the answer or at least part of it. You will have the opportunity to make new friends from all over the country in a totally fun way.


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