The National 4-H Congress event is led through an adult-youth partnership consisting of members from across the country.  Adults are Extension Professionals selected by the regions and the youth are 4-H members who have participated in the event the prior year.

Youth applications for the Design Team are accepted starting immediately after the event in November and are due by the first of the year.   Applications will be available for downloading on this site after the 2019 National 4-H Congress concludes.

2019 National 4-H Congress Design Team

Youth Members

  • Micheal Fry, New Mexico
  • Lindsey Larkin, Maryland
  • Cecilia Mainzer, Ohio
  • Tay Moore, Louisiana
  • Andrew Neyer, Michigan
  • Quinn Schroeder, Oregon
  • Madison Stephens, Oklahoma
  • Hunter Willoughby, Delaware

Adult Members

  • Dr. Steve Beck, New Mexico, Programs Chair
  • Kate Guerdat, New Hampshire,  Programs Co-Chair
  • Bonnie Dalager, Iowa, Operations Chair
  • Brett Schomer, Montana, Operations Co-Chair
  • Jason Estep, Georgia, Facilities Chair
  • Haley Jones, Iowa, Facilities Co-Chair
  • Doug Crouse, Delaware, Headquarters Chair
  • Dr. Mitzi Downing, North Carolina, Headquarters Co-Chair
  • Justin Crowe, Tennessee, Service Learning
  • Dr. Toby Lepley, Louisiana, Social Media Coordinator
  • Dr. Susan Stewart, Georgia, S. Stewart and Associates
  • Ged Matthews, Georgia, S. Stewart and Associates