Adult Assignments

Below is a list of the committee assignment for all adult chaperones attending the 2017 National 4-H Congress.  As an adult chaperone you should be contacted prior to the event about your tasks and responsibilities during the event.

State Last Name First Name Committee
Alabama Carbone Simon Program
Alabama Wilson Chloe Operations
Arizona Etnyre Robin Facilities
Arizona Mennetti Wayne Operations
Arkansas Lamb James Operations
Arkansas Payne Shawn Headquarters
Arkansas Shofner Janice Operations
Arkansas Smith Lauren Operations
Arkansas Thomas-Scott Priscella Facilities
Colorado Kelley Amy Program
Colorado Mann Lacey Facilities
Connecticut Klimek Susan Operations
Delaware Harvey Marian Facilities
Delaware Scott Kaleb Operations
Florida Smith Jeramy Program
Florida Sprain Jessica Headquarters
Georgia Damons Cisco Facilities
Georgia Daniel Jenna Facilities
Georgia Deal Lee Anna Operations
Georgia Goldman Susan Operations
Hawaii Iwasaki Patsy Operations
Idaho Knight Glenda Program
Idaho McRoberts Heidi Facilities
Illinois Marten Sara Operations
Illinois Olson Trevor Facilities
Illinois Stocker Debra Headquarters
Indiana Smith Elisabeth Operations
Iowa Dalager Bonnie Operations
Iowa McAlexander Earl Operations
Kansas Fechter Richard Operations
Kansas Friesen Lindsey Facilities
Kansas Honig Nancy Headquarters
Kansas Honig Ron Headquarters
Kentucky Cox Raymond Facilities
Kentucky Jewell Rhonda Operations
Kentucky Johnson Jeremiah Facilities
Kentucky Leger Kimberly Headquarters
Kentucky Pogue Mackenzie Operations
Louisiana Bryan Liz Operations
Louisiana Fontento James Facilities
Louisiana Niemic Heather Facilities
Louisiana Strong Joanna Program
Maine Norman Sheila Operations
Maryland Gunderson Rebecca Operations
Maryland Porterfield Catherine Headquarters
Massachusetts Riley Meghan Facilities
Michigan Bagley Darren Headquarters
Michigan Keinath Sara Headquarters
Mississippi Brewer Thomas Program
Mississippi Brock Francheska Operations
Mississippi McLeod Caitlin Operations
Mississippi Smith Don Facilities
Missouri McNary Robert Operations
Missouri Simpson Rebecca Facilities
Montana Toth Lisa Facilities
Montana Wassan Anne Facilities
Nebraska Dick Michelle Facilities
Nebraska Milius Jacie Operations
Nebraska Shepherd Stu Headquarters
Nebraska Wendt Jody Facilities
New Hampshire Gove Ian Headquarters
New Hampshire Royce Amanda Operations
New Jersey Keywood Jeannette Rea Program
New Jersey Newman Matthew Operations
New Jersey Phillips Alice Facilities
New Mexico Runyan Marlee Facilities
New Mexico Zemler Amy Facilities
North Carolina Barber Matthew Facilities
North Carolina Brooks Ashley Facilities
North Carolina McCollum Shannon Facilities
North Dakota Homan Caroline Program
Ohio Clary Christy Facilities
Ohio Millhouse Christen Facilities
Oklahoma Knoepfli Karla Facilities
Oklahoma Stephens Lori Michelle Operations
Oregon Hein Wendy Operations
Oregon Knutz Mike Headquarters
Pennsylvania Becker Christina Facilities
Pennsylvania Felt Lynette Operations
Pennsylvania Geiger Daniel Operations
Pennsylvania Gregor Amy Headquarters
Pennsylvania McCafferty Rebecca Facilities
Pennsylvania McGraw Carolyn Facilities
Pennsylvania McKinley Jennifer Facilities
Puerto Rico Rosa Patricia Facilities
South Carolina Ardern Pamela Headquarters
South Carolina Lake Connie Facilities
Tennessee Beasley Missy Facilities
Tennessee Holland Rob Headquarters
Tennessee Lamb Jerry Program
Tennessee Owen Michael Operations
Tennessee Stephens Carrie Facilities
Tennessee Wilis Amy Facilities
Texas Branham Garry Facilities
Texas Holloway Andrew Facilities
Texas Holloway Tanya Facilities
Texas Logan Megan Operations
Texas Pierfax Cynthia Operations
Utah Hendrickson Kyler Operations
Utah Hendrickson Megan Facilities
Virginia Brent Tara Facilities
Virginia Fuller Rhonda Facilities
Virginia Hale Daniel Operations
West Virginia Pruett Brenda Facilities
West Virginia Pruett Carl Operations
Wisconsin Chrest Joshua Program
Wisconsin Ginther Francis Headquarters
Wisconsin Rehberg Amber Headquarters
Wisconsin Wiebelhaus-Finger Janelle Headquarters
Wyoming Mohler Tycee Facilities